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Our patient-centered podiatry care is both comprehensive and convenient.


From aches and pains, to more serious conditions, our specialty podiatry services will get you back on your feet.­

New Patients: before you make a new patient appointment online, please visit our list of accepted insurances to see if we accept your insurance. If your insurance is not listed on our list of accepted insurances, please call our office for further guidance.


We’re experts in all forms of podiatry medicine and treatment. Whether you’re a pediatric, adolescent, adult or older adult patient, our qualified professionals provide patient-centered care that meets your needs. What’s more, if mobility is a problem, we’re more than happy to treat you at an offsite location such as your home. Our services include but are not limited to treating the following conditions:

      • Athlete’s Foot

      • Calluses & 

Dermatological Disorders

      • Fungal Toenails

      • Gout

      • Ingrown Toenails

      • Masses

      • Neuromas

      • Plantar Warts

      • Charcot Foot

Diabetic Nail and Skin Conditions

      • Diabetic Neuropathic Disorders

Diabetic Wounds and Ulcers

      • Lymphedema

      • Phlebitis

      • Swelling and Edema

Venous and Arterial Insufficiency

      • Arterial and Ischemic Wounds

      • Atypical Wounds

      • Bone Infections

      • Gangrene

      • Infection of Soft Tissues

      • Minor Burns

      • Pressure Ulcers

      • Skin Tears

Surgical Wounds

      • Trauma Wounds

      • Venous Stasis Ulcers

      • Arthritis

      • Ball of Foot Pain

      • Biomechanical Deformities (e.g., flat feet, high arches)

      • Bone Tumors

      • Bunions

      • Drop Foot

      • Fractures or Dislocations

      • Hammertoes

      • Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis)

      • Neuropathies

      • Sprains and Strains

      • Spurs

      • Tendonitis

What Our Patients Say

Jay Jayson


When i came here my phobia of hospitals immediatelly disappeared. Thank you Doctor for your fast and effective help, I am happy now

Kelly Lawson

College Student

My phobia of hospitals has disappeared when I first came here. Thank you Doctor for your fast and effective help, I am happy now

Robert Jackson


My practice shows that you have to have a second and sometimes a third opinion in order to get the diagnosis right. Luxmed has it right!

Willow Moore


This is definitely the best place to take your kids for a regular check-up, a minor or a major case of sickness, toothache etc.


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